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FlagSetter: Set your flags accurately by yourself. A bright 5mW green laser is mounted with a scope on an adjustable stand. Set the crosshairs on the target frame, turn on the laser, then walking from the target back to the bench set each flag precisely in line at precisely the correct height.  Now available! Cost is $115 if picked up, $130 shipped to US.  Cost is discounted $35 if ordered without scope and laser.
DISCONTINUED.  It has been impossible to find a dependable supplier of safe inexpensive green laser pens. Unlike red lasers, green lasers must be heterodyned up from an infrared laser; the Chinese lasers do not filter away the (invisible, harmful) infrared byproduct.
Details: The included 9-power Barski scope is sufficient for setting flags at 100 or 200 yards. Other than this scope, the laser, and various brass fittings, all other components are Delrin (machinable plastic). The laser is a safe 5-mW green laser of diameter 13 mm.  Weight of the device is approximately 1.25 lbs. A carrying case is not provided. PalPal is accepted at chuck@6mmppc.com or you may email me (at that address) your credit card info. This item as well as other 6mmPPC.com products are also  available from Benchrite.
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